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Enjoy increased flexibility and get the performance you need with SSD Storage.
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To Avail Credit
Best for Single Website
1,199 /Month
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  • CPU
    4 Cores
  • RAM
    4GB Memory
  • DISK
    150GB SSD
  • DATA
    6TB Internet
  • IP
    2 Dedicated IPs
  • Setup Time
    120 Seconds
Best for Small Applications
1,999 /Month
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  • CPU
    6 Cores
  • RAM
    8GB Memory
  • DISK
    300GB SSD
  • DATA
    12TB Internet
  • IP
    2 Dedicated IP
  • Setup Time
    120 Seconds
Intensive Resources, Delivered
3,199 /Month
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  • CPU
    10 Cores
  • RAM
    16GB Memory
  • DISK
    500GB SSD
  • DATA
    20TB Internet
  • IP
    4 Dedicated IP
  • Setup Time
    120 Seconds
Value For Money
Best Value-for-Money Servers
5,499 /Month
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  • CPU
    16 Cores
  • RAM
    32GB Memory
  • DISK
    700GB SSD
  • DATA
    20TB Internet
  • IP
    8 Dedicated IP
  • Setup Time
    120 Seconds
High Performance
High Performance and Traffic
9,999 /Month
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  • CPU
    24 Cores
  • RAM
    64GB Memory
  • DISK
    1000GB SSD
  • DATA
    20TB Internet
  • IP
    16 Dedicated IP
  • Setup Time
    120 Seconds

All Plans Include

  • Control Panel
  • Root Access
  • Daily Backups
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Redundancy
  • SSD Disk
  • Multiple OS
  • SSL Certificate*

Easy Management with our User Friendly Control Panel

Our World Class Cloud VPS Control Panel helps you to manage your server by providing you with a clean and easy interface.

We also provide you with a free CWP Pro Control panel. For Demo, Vist: https://centos-webpanel.com/demo

Full Root or Administrator Access

Having root access to the server gives you the ability to take full control of your server.

You can then use it for almost anything you wish to including hosting multiple websites, third party software/applications, game servers etc.

Easy One Click Backup & Console Access

Set automated Daily backups plus an on-demand snapshot and fix issues using the recovery console (even if you don’t have access to SSH/RDP).

Every plan has free Daily Backup Service included.

Virtually Unlimited Scalability

There’s no longer a need for those hectic manual migrations when you need more capacity in your servers.

Easily increase RAM, CPU, Storage & Bandwidth with instant VPS upgrades.

Security at its Peak

We understand the importance of your time and hence provide you with 24x7 network monitoring with advanced DDoS protection.

Now make most out of your time by just relying on our support team for consistent monitoring.

Redundancy with Extreme Performance

Our fault-tolerant Redundant Systems provides complete hardware redundancy while maintaining Zero performance degrade.

In any event of failure, Our Intelligent Cloud Architecture ensures that your servers can continue to run as normal as before.

SSD Disk for Best in Class Performance

Experience high-performance & redundant SSDs on our Cloud Platform for upto 3X the performance than the usual VPS Hosting.

Thus, we have placed all the elements on the right place which gives you a super-fast performance on any type of applications.

Multiple Operating Systems Supported

All of our Cloud VPS plans allow you to install any Operating System from Linux to Windows of your choice in just One click.

Hence no matter the operating system, you are ready to go live within a matter of minutes with our Automated & Quick OS installation.

Free SSL Certificate on selected Annual Plans

An SSL certificate on your Cloud VPS provides security for online communications between your users & the hosted application.

Hence for your annual commitment we provide you with a free SSL Certificate for better protection of your Cloud VPS.

Fully scalable to grow with you

At IntechDC, we want you to achieve your comapnies goals without getting stucked in between. So we have developed system according to your needs. We provide scalability in our service offering which means you can quickly and easily increase or decrease the size or power of an IT solution. Using this you can add as much of Storage/CPU/RAM as per your needs to your existing server within minutes.


Instant provisioning

At IntechDC, we have Instant Provisioning technology that helps us to deliver ready-to-go VPS servers to our customers 24x7x365 once they checkout. Once you are done with the payment a server is allocated to you and an email is sent to you that includes your server's IP address and login credentials (username and password). Usually we keep our infrastructure well stocked and ready to go for Instant Provisioning.


Redundant infrastructure

Redundancy in cloud architecture ensures a fallback within the infrastructure. That means if there is an event of a failure to IT operations, your servers can continue to run as normal as before failure, without a single disturbance.


VPS Server Technical Specifications

Linux / Windows High IOPS Disks Premium Bandwidth
Usage Reports Clustered Hardware Redundant Network
Dedicated Network Premium Components Juniper/Cisco Backend
Web Console DDoS Mitigation Low Latency Optimized
All SpecsAll SpecsAll Specs

Frequently Asked Questions VPS

Most of your doubts must be clear by going through this section. If still you have any doubts you can contact us. We are available 24/7/365 for you.

What is Virtual Private Server?
  • A virtual private server (VPS), also called a virtual dedicated server (VDS), is a virtual server that appears to the user as a dedicated server but is installed on a hardware serving multiple Servers. A single Hardware can have several VPSs, each one with its own operating system (OS) that runs the application as required by a user.

How are Virtual Servers Used?
  • The main use of virtual servers for small businesses is to allow multiple owners (either business units within a company or different companies altogether) to have their own separate, secure server that they administer. Each business function (i.e. webserver, database server, application server, etc) can have a virtual server running on the physical machine with which to power their own domain name, IP address, applications and file directories. Larger businesses may use virtual servers to consolidate multiple physical machines to a single physical machine running virtual machines.

Will there be any limitation on number of websites that can be hosted?
  • No, there will not be any kind of limitation on hosting any number of websites. You can totally utilize your server without any issues and add as many applications as per your requirements.

What if I need additional memory?
  • Yes, you will be able to add extra memory as per your requirement to your VPS hosting. You can upgrade your resources as per your needs without any hassle.

Will I get full administrative control when I buy VPS server from you?
  • Yes, by default you will be given administrator rights i.e. we provide you with full root access and console access when you buy VPS servers from us.

How many IP addresses will I be allotted with my VPS?
  • By default, you are provided with one IP address given with each VPS server. Additionally, more number of IP addresses can be purchased as per your requirement.
    [Note: Spamming or any illegal activities are strictly banned.]

What if there is an issue with the hardware which is responsible for running the server?
  • We continuously keep a check on our hardware and test it to resolve the issues if any. We are responsible for all issues with the hardware and our systems automatically transfer the VPS to a capable hardware as soon as a problem is detected on the active hatdware without any downtime.

What if I need assistance?
  • We have a 24/7 dedicated support team for your assistance at any time.

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